Dad slammed as ‘cruel’ for DNA test prank on his wife after birth of their child

Dad slammed as ‘cruel’ for DNA test prank on his wife after birth of their child

A mum has been left fuming with her husband after he set up a ‘prank’ which led her to believe he was filing for divorce over the paternity of their child.

The woman says she has known her husband is “into pranks” since they first met but he often goes “too far” with them and thinks it’s funny, as do his family.

His previous pranks have included pretending to lose their house keys on the day of their wedding, and taking her to a restaurant for an engagement party, only to find he hadn’t invited anyone else.

After his wife recently gave birth, she says it seemed like her husband had “decided to focus on important things in life” and had been incredibly helpful in the weeks following the arrival of their baby.

But recently he suddenly stopped helping with the baby and avoided her for two full days, leaving her to shoulder all of the childcare, and refused to tell her what was wrong.

She said: “I honestly had no idea what was going on. I tried to talk to him but he refused to say what was wrong until I snapped.

“He told me his mum said that our baby doesn’t really look like him and suggested that he secretly do a DNA test. I was speechless.

“He said he did it without making me notice and got the results two days ago and it turned out our son isn’t his and that he’ll be moving out of the house and will contact an attorney in the morning.

“He said he didn’t want to argue nor hear an explanation. I knew something was very off with his reaction because he usually isn’t that calm and would definitely throw a fit in scenarios that are serious.

“I called him a liar and demanded to see the test result that he ‘did behind my back’. He stalled until he suddenly burst into laughter. I was dumbfounded.

“He kept saying that I got pranked and kept laughing at the face I made.”

She screamed at him and said she was exhausted from doing everything on her own for the two days, as he told her to relax as it had just been a prank his cousin had “masterminded”.

The mum sent his cousin an email to say she’s struggling with a newborn and that it is cruel to think the idea would be funny.

The pair were left not speaking, with the husband apologising but arguing she shouldn’t have lashed out at his cousin too as the whole thing had only been a ‘prank’.

Taking to Reddit to ask if she had overreacted, the story sparked fury among others as one person replied to say: “I am shaking with anger for you. Your husband was deliberately cruel to you four weeks after childbirth.

“You are still physically healing from a major medical procedure on top of having to deal with all the hormonal changes of giving birth. This is not a prank. This is abuse.”

A second wrote: “Gee, what a surprise that he also got two days totally off to pull off his ‘prank’. Tell him he’s on full time baby duty while you get to relax and do nothing for two days.”

And another added: “I’d divorce after this.”