Chad Wheeler won’t be back with the Seahawks

Chad Wheeler won’t be back with the Seahawks

The Seahawks haven’t said it directly. But they should.

Instead, they’ve leaked to NFL Media that tackle Chad Wheeler won’t be back with the team after his recent arrest for suspicion of domestic violence, an incident that generated shocking details.

To not bring Wheeler back, the Seahawks need to do not a thing. He’s due to become a restricted free agent. So they need to simply not make a tender offer, or any offer, and let him become a free agent.

While that’s the path of least resistance, the question becomes whether it sends the right message. Someone connected to the NFL needs to stand up and proclaim that this kind of behavior is unacceptable.

Yes, Wheeler is entitled to the various protections of the criminal justice system. But if players who were never charged or convicted or prosecuted in any way will be suspended for far less serious allegations, why shouldn’t Wheeler face swift and sudden consequences from his employer?