Here’s the Monster Hunter Rise Nintendo Switch console

Here’s the Monster Hunter Rise Nintendo Switch console

There’s a snazzy Monster Hunter Rise Nintendo Switch console bundle coming alongside the game on 26th March.

Big beastie Magnamalo is printed in gold on the console dock, while other Monster Hunter designs feature on its rear side, as well as on both Joy-Con. The console box also contains download codes for a copy of Monster Hunter Rise, its bonus content and its Deluxe Kit DLC.

It’s available to pre-order now at the Nintendo Official UK Store, ShopTo, Amazon and Game.

Finally, there’s also a Pro Controller, sold separately, also with Magnamalo on it.

“I like Monster Hunter Rise a lot, essentially, even if I’m feeling like there’s still so much left to learn,” Martin wrote after hands-on time with the game’s recent demo. “This demo is the sort of thing that offers dozens of hours of play, and the potential for the final thing with its full cast of monsters is enough to make me feel a little light-headed.”

This morning, the EU consumer programme called for an investigation into Nintendo Switch’s persistent Joy-Con drifting problems following more than 25,000 complaints. Nintendo has yet to comment on this latest development in the long-running saga of its Switch controller issues.