Amazon worker leaves people in hysterics at ‘sassy’ reply to customer

Amazon worker leaves people in hysterics at ‘sassy’ reply to customer

Amazing customer service has the power to transform a rubbish situation into a much brighter one.

In this case, while it might not have helped the customer in need, it did give us all a much-needed laugh.

One woman left people in stitches after sharing the rather abrupt message she received from Amazon while trying to track down a missing parcel.

Lucy Harrison shared the exchange on Twitter – where it went viral.

The first message from Amazon says: “Good Day. I’m Abigail. Am I chatting with Lucy Harrison.”

Clearly keen to track down her package, Lucy replied: “The Amazon app says the package was handed to a receptionist.

“I don’t have a receptionist I just live in a house lol.”

Sadly Abigail wasn’t immediately helpful – as she just replied “Lol.”

Not the ideal response when you’re missing a package, but it definitely raised some smiles on social media.

One person replied: ” If customer service reps did this instead of following a stupid script it would be so much more fun.”

Another joked: “How I wish we could reply in customer service,” while one fan commented: “What a sassy queen. Abigail for PM.”

One unlucky Amazon customer added: “This reminds of the time when Amazon said my bed frame was delivered and placed in my mailbox.

“The customer service lady started cracking up on the phone when I said it wasn’t delivered, and it especially was not in my mailbox.”

One man joked: “Abigail was having a bad day weren’t she, had no f**** left to give.”

Meanwhile, some people weren’t happy with Lucy’s lack of greeting to Abigail.

One person moaned: “I’m with Abigail. You didn’t even introduce yourself. Rude ass.”

But Lucy explained herself after clearly hearing a lot about the lack of greeting.

She tweeted: “Muting this now bcos my phone is having a meltdown!!

“For anyone getting their knickers in a twist, I only didn’t greet Abigail because her message sent at the same time mine did.

“She has clearly captured the pandemmy mood of the nation and for that we must Stan. Stay safe.”

And a fellow customer service worker assured those disgruntled people that Abigail probably didn’t care.

They tweeted: “Everyone fuming about this has never worked in a call centre before, we aren’t assed if you don’t greet us, we just want you off the phone or off the chat.”